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    Plug-in temporary fence

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Plug and fence

Also known as "plug-in movable fence" is a kind of "active fence", set at the opening of the central divider. In order to facilitate the special vehicles (such as traffic accident handling vehicles, emergency vehicles) in the emergency situation and one side of the road construction closed temporarily open the activities of the activities. The movable guardrail is required to have certain isolation performance and protective performance under normal conditions, and should be able to move quickly and flexibly when temporarily opened. The plug-in movable guardrail structure divides the original guardrail column into upper and lower parts. The lower end of the steel pipe of the upper column is placed in the upper end of the steel pipe of the lower column, and bolts are traversed therein to connect the upper and lower column steel pipes together. The plug-in guardrail prevents the deformation of the lower guardrail column by strengthening the lower column, that is, using a casing or other process, and at the same time, the partial deformation of the upper column is weakened or weakened to control the deformation position of the guardrail column, so that the arm is reduced However, the cross-section bending modulus is also reduced at the same time, so that the anti-collision level is not lower than the original standard design.

Overall specification: 1.2m*1.5m, frame using 25mm round tube thickness: 2.5mm vertical tube using diameter 10mm steel surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, spray connection: hook

Fixing method: the ground plate is fixed or directly inserted into the ground.


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