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The mountain protection net is a new and novel technology product that completely changes the traditional slope protection and SNS mountain protection net concept. The SNS application is mainly in the mountainous areas where landslides and landslides are easy to occur. In order to protect the passing vehicles, a diamond-shaped net is used as the main material protection system in the required parts.

The mountain net is a diamond-shaped net close to the mountain. The loose stone is pressed on the mountain, and the stone is not allowed to fall. This method is applied to the cliff protection. The mountain net is a steel wire net and a diamond-shaped net composite protective layer on the side of the road. The fallen stones will be blocked by the net, protect the car below, etc. This method is applied to the cliff protection with small slope.

   Mountain net construction: the first two are fixed by wire rope anchors and/or support ropes, the latter being passed through steel bars (prestressing can be applied) and/or wire rope anchors (used when there are edge support ropes), special anchor pads and Fixed way such as edge support rope when necessary

   The principle of the mountain protection net is similar to the surface slope protection system such as spray anchor and soil nail wall. However, due to its flexible characteristics, the system can transmit the local concentrated load uniformly to the surrounding area to fully exert the protection capability of the whole system, that is, local load. The overall effect, so that the mountain net can withstand large loads and reduce the anchoring force requirements of a single anchor.

   Mountain protection net use: the openness of the system, the groundwater can be freely drained, avoiding the slope instability caused by the increase of groundwater pressure; the mountain protection net has a certain contribution to the stable slope, and can also suppress the slope Subject to further weathering and erosion, and there is no special requirement for the morphological characteristics of the slope, and the original landform and vegetation growth conditions of the slope are not destroyed and changed. The open characteristics are reserved for subsequent or future conditions and when necessary, artificial slope greening is retained. Necessary conditions, green plants can grow freely in their open space, and the soil-fixing effect of the plant roots is integrated with the slope protection system, thereby suppressing slope damage and soil erosion, which in turn protects the landform and slope vegetation. The mountain protection net achieves the best slope protection and environmental protection purposes.


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