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Application of Active Slope Protection Net and Advantages of Mountain Protection Application
2019-08-08 11:28:08

The use of active slope protection nets and the advantages of mountain protection applications:

Where is the active protection network mainly used:

Active protective nets are widely used, especially in the western and southeastern mountains.

Geological disasters on slopes such as collapsed rocks, mudslides, slippery, slippery, slumping and weathering and spalling often occur.

Especially in the line engineering such as railways and highways, it is the most serious.


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The occurrence of disasters is characterized by many points, wide areas, long lines, etc., in limited resources (human, material, financial)

Under the conditions, the protection and management is very difficult and even difficult to prevent, and it has become a major factor threatening the normal operation of the slope engineering.

For a long time, the vast number of geotechnical engineers have accumulated a lot of experience in the prevention and control of geological disasters on slope slopes.

Established with protection, roof, anchor spray, and block, with drainage, earth and stone improvement,

SNS flexible protection engineering prevention measures supplemented by vegetation greening.

In particular, it is most common with mortar stone or sneeze slope protection, anchoring, masonry stone wall and simple steel structure fence.

However, due to the complexity, randomness, regional differences and multiple nature of geological disasters themselves.

The above-mentioned traditional technical measures based on rigid completion structures are not sufficient to solve various complex slope geological disasters economically and effectively.

Especially in the prevention and control of geological disasters such as collapse and falling rocks and mudslides with power high-speed impact as the main form of expression.

Advantages of slope protection nets in mountain protection:

1. The slope protection net serves as its open feature to retain the necessary conditions for subsequent or future conditions and when necessary to implement artificial slope greening. Green plants can grow freely in their open spaces, and the soil-solidification of plant roots is integrated with the slope protection system. Thereby inhibiting slope damage and soil erosion, which in turn protects the landform and slope vegetation.

Achieve optimal slope protection and environmental protection.

Second, there are doubts in the design documents, the role of the slope protection network is wrong or the design is down. You should contact the owner, design unit and project supervision unit in time. Go to the on-site investigation to understand the solution of the remote stack.

Third, the beginning of the work, road construction and construction materials and materials to list some uncertain factors such as rain, traffic disturbances, etc., technical personnel should be aware of the number of construction links to consider.

Fourth, the preparation of the construction plan:

The role of the slope protection net is based on the construction organization design in the design document and the specific requirements of the construction owner in the contract. Combine project points, specific construction conditions and the status of the project contractor. Prepare a concrete and feasible implementation organization plan and submit it to the supervision engineer and the construction owner for approval before completion.

V. Technical consultation Before construction, technicians should have a unified understanding of technical specifications and operating procedures. Fully demonstrate the new technology and new organization experts (including engineering supervision units and construction owners) to avoid engineering accidents during construction. The slope protection network can minimize the impact of the engineering team on the environment. Its protective area can fully maintain the stability of soil and rock, which is convenient for artificial beautification and is beneficial to environmental protection.


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